Sensor Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Technologies in Dairy Livestock Export: Charting a Digital Transformation
This technical note critically evaluates the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and sensor technologies in the swiftly evolving dairy livestock export industry. We focus on the novel application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in long-distance livestock transportation, particularly in livestock enumeration and identification for precise traceability. Technological advancements in identifying behavioral patterns in ‘shy feeder’ cows and real-time weight monitoring enhance the accuracy of long-haul livestock transportation. These innovations offer benefits such as improved animal welfare standards, reduced supply chain inaccuracies, and increased operational productivity, expanding market access and enhancing global competitiveness. However, these technologies present challenges, including individual animal customization, economic analysis, data security, privacy, technological adaptability, training, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability concerns. These challenges intertwine with broader ethical considerations around animal treatment, data misuse, and the environmental impacts. By providing a strategic framework for successful technology integration, we emphasize the importance of continuous adaptation and learning. This note underscores the potential of AI, IoT, and sensor technologies to shape the future of the dairy livestock export industry, contributing to a more sustainable and efficient global dairy sector.